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Few things are as delightful as observing the wonders of the Giant Panda first hand. Visitors can spend hours watching the playful cubs, or, they can volunteer and provide hands on help to the pandas’ keepers. China Culture Tour team offers flexible tours to enjoy the Panda tour in Chengdu. You can be a volunteer for Panda in Bifengxia or Wolong Panda Base or Dujiang Weir Panda Research Centre for one day or 2 days. Moreover, we offer adventure tours to discover the wild pandas and photograph in the primitive forests. Bifengxia Panda Base(about three hours driving from Chengdu downtown) is searching for Panda Volunteers to help the pandas! Will you be the one?

China Panda Tours

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Best China Panda Tour Packages

Embark on the ultimate China Panda Tour with the best itinerary carefully crafted to offer an unforgettable experience, staying at top-rated hotels and indulging in fine meals, all while receiving excellent private guided service from knowledgeable experts, and traveling in a quality vehicle to witness the majesty of pandas in their natural habitat.

China Panda Tours

Panda Keeper Volunteer

10 Days Beijing - Xi'an - Chengdu - Shanghai


China Panda Tours

Pandas with Metropolis

11 Days Shanghai - Chengdu - Guilin - Longji - Yangshuo - Hong Kong


China Panda Tours

Pandas and Highlights

12 Days Beijing - Xi'an - Chengdu - Guilin - Yangshuo - Shanghai


Best Cultural Experiences for Your Panda Trip

A trip to China is already a trip of a lifetime, being a giant panda keeper volunteer during your trip is perhaps even more memorable! In addition to the panda experience, we've got you covered with the following fun cultural experiences and outdoor activities to make your trip rich and rewarding!


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Frequently Asked Questions About Pandas Tours

Generally speaking, you can pay a visit to the giant pandas all year around as pandas don't hibernate. However, the best seasons should be spring and autumn when the weather is relatively mild. Giant pandas like to stay in the cool air-conditioned rooms during the hot days. Early morning or late afternoon is the best time of a day.
If you have enough time, you can visit 4 panda bases in Chengdu, among which Bifengxia, Dujiangyan and Wolong Panda Bases offer panda keeper program. You could get close contact with pandas by taking the panda keeper program.
  • 1) It is not allowed to make loud noises.
  • 2) Flashing lights when taking pictures of pandas, especially baby pandas, is not allowed.
  • 3) Any feeding by visitors is prohibited.
  • 4) Keep a safe distance. Do not climb over the fence.
  • 5) Smoking is prohibited as the panda base is a smoke-free environment. Open-fire is not allowed in the base.
There are all kinds of souvenirs related to pandas, such as costumes, shoes and hats, backpacks, key chains, ornaments, stationery, etc. You can find them easily at Chunxi Road, Kuanzhai Alley and Jinli Ancient Street etc.
Yes you can interact with pandas by taking the panda keeper program. But please don't touch them without the permission.
You can take panda keeper tour in Chengdu, the hometown of giant pandas. In Chengdu, you can be a panda keeper in Dujiangyan, Bifengxia or Wolong Panda Base.
To protect the giant pandas, panda holding and photo taking with pandas were suspended since November 2018. There is no latest news about the reopening of this program till 2021. We will update the information when available.


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