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Summer in China: Travel guide and vacation ideas

Say hello to summer! And if you are wondering where to visit and what to do this holiday, China has plenty to offer. From horse riding across vast pasture and bamboo rafting below karst peaks to finding earthy pine mushrooms in the wild and even joining some of the best summer festivals, there are certainly more to keep you entertained. Discover wonderful places, experiences and seasonal hacks with our summer guide to China.

Weather in China during summer

Summer in China theoretically last from June through August, with temperature ranging from 23℃ to 33℃ and beyond. Temperature peak from mid-July to mid-August with high humidity in the south. Expect extended daylight hours in summer. Cooler mountainous areas in the southwest and verdant grasslands in Inner Mongolia, Qinghai and south Gansu are at their best conditions for outdoor adventures and are ideal summer escape destinations.

Rainy season kicks in across southern and eastern China from mid-May through mid-July. Expect potential flooding and transportation challenges. Typhoon hit coastal areas most frequently in August.

Get more detailed about climate of China.

Why visiting China in summer

  • 1.Longer operating hour for scenic areas
  • 2.Nature at its most verdant
  • 3.Lighter luggage
  • 4.Tons of water activities available
  • 5.Best weather with great festival in western region

While travelling in summer, take note of

  • 1.Expect increase in domestic travel during summer school break from July to August
  • 2.Scorching heat can be awful in desert areas & central region
  • 3.Heavy downpour in south region around June may result in closure of tourist attractions

Tips for travelling China in summer

  • •Bring along sun protection kit, rain gear and insect repellent.
  • •Keep an eye on weather forecast.
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